Norwex Anniversary Household Travel Set

Original price was: $29.97.Current price is: $24.99.


Norwex Anniversary Household Travel Set

Original price was: $29.97.Current price is: $24.99.

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Celebrate Norwex’s anniversary with our exclusive travel set, featuring travel-sized solutions for all your cleaning needs. This special bundle includes travel-size 59 mL / 2 fl. oz. bottles of our top-rated Descaler, Odour Eliminator and Bathroom Cleaner, along with an exclusive anniversary drawstring bag for convenient storage and transport. Perfect for keeping your spaces clean and fresh, whether you’re at home or on the go.


Travel-Size Descaler

  • Highly-effective, working within minutes
  • Removes soap scum, limescale, calcium and rust deposits – without using any harmful chemicals to do it
  • Removes residue from your glass surfaces, shower doors, bathtubs, taps, drains and more
  • Works as a great toilet descaler
  • USDA certified 86% biobased product contains natural citric acids

Travel-Size Odour Eliminator Concentrate

  • Concentrated formula eliminates odors at the source
  • This enzyme-based, concentrated formula gets rid of smelly organic odors from food, mildew, smoke, garbage and urine – all without using harmful chemicals
  • Works on odors in your bathroom, kitchen, garbage bin, locker, carpet and even laundry

Travel-Size Bathroom Cleaner

  • Replaces multiple cleaners with one cleaner for your porcelain, tubs, tile and floors – making them sparkle and shine
  • Provides a deep clean without any strong fumes or corrosive ingredients – leaving your bathroom cleaner, safer and better