Norwex Outdoor Broom Attachment



Norwex Outdoor Broom Attachment


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Great for sweeping away everything from dirt, leaves, pebbles and twigs to small limbs and rocks. The solid resin block won’t warp or rot.

Size: Broom Attachment: 45.7 cm x 5.7 cm / 18″ × 2.25″ Bristles: 7.62 cm / 3″ long

Adjust Telescopic Mop Handle to a comfortable height for use as a push broom

To attach: Unlock attachment joint by flipping the lever up. Depress the black push-buttons on the base. With the buttons depressed, insert the mop handle until the push-buttons lock into the handle’s holes. Flip the lever back toward the brush head to lock into the holes of the handle.

Use both hands to push broom forward in short strokes

Not compatible for use with Spray Mop Attachment

Rinse clean as needed

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